Flex or Fail

The Flex Index™

This consulting approach uses a tested and proven measurement process, through which a CEO and his or her leadership team gain strategic insight into their organisation, set the ‘responsible change’ agenda and benchmark organisational improvement.

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The Flex Index comprises of a survey that measures an organisation’s capability to ‘flex’ its structure and policies as the result of ongoing technology influences on work and pay. The outcome is ‘responsible change’ input which allows the formulation of a company’s workforce and business strategy.

This process quantifies key performance gaps in the organisation along 7 domains and approximately 50 factors. A compact 6-week program, based on the Flex Index, allows leadership to develop and communicate a narrative around automation and its impact on work and pay.

RTA Consulting ensures an academically robust methodology and international comparability. Follow-up allows for the development of organisational capacity to adjust to technology and automation. The model was created in 2019 based upon the bestselling management book called ‘Flex or Fail’, written by the partners of RTA Consultancy and in collaboration with IMD’s World Competitiveness Center.

It has been piloted by several multinational organisations who aim to prepare their workforce for the increasing role of technology in the workplace. The database of RTA Consulting contains profiles of over 200 companies from a diverse range of countries and industry sectors.

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